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Todoist adds support for multi-window, Search In Apps, add quick notifications and more


Todoist is a of the best apps for lists to-do and between their qualities is located the be updated while that them news more interesting of them versions older of Android. Not that remains grim reaper in features when it comes to integrate with Nougat and take advantage in these shortcuts from the notifications panel or integrated into the Search In Apps; This shortcut that launched well little Google does and that allows to search your apps locally.

Is now when is has updated to a new version where is collected several news very interesting for those who are to the day in them versions of Android. What seeks the team responsible of this excellent application is that them users use less time in the app and can expedite so its productivity. An of the contributions outstanding of this update is the inclusion of an access direct to create a note from Quick Actions or settings fast.

If Google seeks to streamline the experience of user in Android 7.0 Nougat, Todoist is adapts to this and launches this update that, apart from integrate “add fast” in them settings fast or Quick actions, is may respond directly to them comments of them contributors from the own panel of notifications as do with them messages of WhatsApp or Telegram.


Todoist now offers multi-window support and allows you to use all the keyboard shortcuts in Android devices; This latest addition more than interesting for those who use Chromebook deploy Android app compatibility to Chrome OS.

Finally, we are left with the new functionality In Android Apps that lets you add a shortcut to the desktop of your phone so that you can perform local searches on installed apps (and that they are compatible with this functionality). This what it means is that you can find projects and tasks from In Apps. If want to know as Add In Apps to your Android, not evenings in pass you by here.

Download: Todoist: list of tasks (Free+, Google Play) →

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