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Todoist Business is updated with the aim of improving the team collaboration

Todoist business

The last time that we learned something of Todoist was in that new version in which the accent was put in Material Design to improve the visual aesthetics of one of the best apps to take notes or ready-to-do. His great work with updates that will improve the quality of the app, is getting increasingly take greater care and is one of the most sought after by all users. Apart from that the team that is behind this app often work hard to perform regular updates that are not a mere makeup and bring, really interesting features.

This happens today itself with the new version comes to Todoist Business and that is major upgrade receiving since it was released in 2014. We would be the first of a total of five updates planned until 2017 with the aim of improving apps for teams and businesses. The truth is coming during the fair, since Slack is bringing together great attention and present alternatives to emphasize its use or presented as another way to improve productivity, will get more users to give the necessary attention to this aspect of Todoist.

Todoist Business

Todoist Buisness was born in June 2014 and since that date has been placed stone by stone the basis for what will be a great space for collaborative work. Now, passing that implementation of the foundations, is aims to improve this solution for companies to make teams using Todoist Business organized and synchronized.

Todoist business

The raison d ‘ être for Todoist Business is to ensure a team access to tasks from anywhere, the ability to collaborate on shared tasks and provide an interface that is simple and easy for the user. It also has the emphasis on what is the security of the data to protect the information with permanent backups, Bank standard encryption (SSL) and optimal functioning of the system of 99.99%.

Todoist Business News

The computer activity log

Keep a record of activity allows you to be aware of all movements and tasks that are being carried out and that have been made, allowing the entire team to one to keep is not double the work, what ultimately streamlines productivity of it towards the objectives to meet.


They will be both the members and administrators who have access at all times a wide activity view which you can filter by date, person, project and specific actions as tasks added, updated, completed and so many options.

Project reviews

A tool in which collaboration is vital, having comments allows to discuss certain details of the project to put attention on them and that all employees are up to date to access them quickly and easily.

Improved notification system


It will now be that notifications are grouped and closed together. What has been achieved is that the specific information, such as several comments of a same task or several new assigned to one of the participants of the project, see at a glance when making the highlight.

Add fast now is more “smart”

Añadir rápido

A quick example of this feature would be: “review financial plan each 26 #Cuentas + Jaime”. Todoist Business will be automatically set the date of the task the 26th of each month in the project accounts assigned to Jaime. What you want is speed, and delegate tasks from a mobile device in a simple way and who do not lose much time. This is allowed thanks to the new icons of shortcut, autocompletion for tags/projects/partners and the ability to specify the project and collaborator in the text of the “Quick add” option.

Some interesting news for Todoist Business goes through the first season of the five in total which has on its new route.

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