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Train driver World puts you in a great game of puzzles and high speed trains

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From Kairosoft we had a few weeks ago a great Simulator of a railway station in which we have to get the best facilities for travellers are at home before catching the train that will take them to their destination. One of those video games of this study can manage to engage us and that distance in the gameplay of another newly launched called Tracky Train and that surprises us by your gameplay more arcade, something different from what we have been accustomed with that franchise known for Railroad Tycoon. There are not many games of this type and the truth that we would like that there was more to make us take what could be deployed across a line of railway by an entire continent.

It more or less is what achieves Train driver World, a video game puzzle in which you have to get them so that trains are able to go by the three lanes to reach its destination. A great game that mixes the puzzle with the construction of roads to connect a rail network that will cover the vast majority of the countries of the European continent. Train driver World is a game of tremendous quality in the visual style and in its gameplay mechanics surprised by the simplicity which is the change of the ways for three colors trains go via the appropriate and so you can move through the content that has The Voxel Agents, creative study of this specimen of enormous quality.

Extend the rail network for Europe

The Voxel Agents are not a novice in regards to video games that have to do with trains. Already released two video games to Android and one of them, Train Conductor 2: uses, was all a success. And is that Train driver World has three basic elements so that a game is spectacular: great gameplay, good graphics and is good fun.

Train Conductor World

The game is a mix of puzzle and strategy, and you basically have to control where Iran trains to choose any of the three routes that pass. In the time that appears a train of any of them three colors (red, blue and yellow), can stop you for combine him with the color of the via and so can follow towards its destination. Trains may appear on one side or other, sometimes up to several of the same color as you can find front.

Train Conductor World

The problem comes when collide or are punto de touch is, what will create a great moment in which them effects of sound are very well made for show as were it enough agile so not had a serious accident. Is a game well dynamic and that is capable of hooking you already only by this mechanical of game.

Traveling through Amsterdam, Paris…

Another of its great qualities is that them environments by where run those trains are really striking with many details. You can visit the Amsterdam canals or through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. More dynamic part apart from what is and active, when you’re completing those levels, you will get all sorts of ways for the routes which will help you to go connecting the rail network and thus to visit other cities.

Train Conductor World

Also has the option of personalizing trains with rockets that impulses them, medallions and other skills that add more quality to the whole offering Train driver World. You have daily achievements and all kinds of challenges and a dynamic system of time that will give you something special to these items.

You have available for free from the Google Store Play with typical micropayments for a real game that surely will eventually fall in love.

Quality technical

Train Conductor World

Train driver World close to perfection in all the technical elements and surprised by the great quality that has earned this study of videojuges. The design of the trains is excellent, customizations, settings, the colorful having or sound effects. Majestic.

Opinion of the editor


  • Its gameplay is excellent
  • Great use of all its technical capabilities
  • The variety of levels


  • Nothing

Download application

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