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Transfer photos between devices to the Minority Report

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Today I want to show a completely free application for Android, which will allow a very simple and visual way, move photos between devices to the Minority Report, film futuristic, starring already makes a few years by Tom Cruise and that he has seen as it has now become full today thanks to a very good television series which is currently broadcasting the channel Energy.

This move photos or videos in Minority Report or CSI plan, for those who do not have no idea what I’m talking about, it is no more than with the simple act of Select an image or video to share simply making the gesture to launch it into the air, or by a swipe in the form of launch, we will be able to share it with any other Android device either smartphone or tablet or even a personal computer without need to connect any type of cable or not connected to the same Wifi network. Then, as I show in the attached video that I leave just above these lines, I show you how to get this in a simple and easy way with the simple echo download and install a free application, which is located directly in the Store Play of Google, the official Android apps store.

The application in question responds to the name of Photo Swipe and as I have mentioned will it be able to download officially from the Play Store or Google Play from the direct link that I leave a little more below these lines.

But, what we can achieve with photo Swipe?

Pasar fotos entre dispositivos a lo Minority Report

Photo Swipe is the application that we will use for this purpose that we are discussing today power share or transfer photos between devices to the Minority Report a shape very but very spectacular, functional and, best of all, the sea of simple and without the need to take out a single wire to share photos or videos between terminals Android or even with our personal laptop or desktop. This in the case of personal computers with regardless of the operating system installed in series.

How to move photos between devices to the Minority Report

Pasar fotos entre dispositivos a lo Minority Report

To move files between devices Android in this attractive and functional way in which we will only have to select the photos or videos to share and make a side swipe, will only need that have installed on both terminals Android, the free app than under the name of Photo Swipe going to give us the opportunity to Exchange images and videos in this way so futuristic it will seem that of way literal launched the files to the other terminal.

In if you want to send photos or videos from your Android device to a PC or vice versa, we will just need to enter in our favorite web browser and enter the web page of From there and just input the numeric code that gives us the application, let’s get similarly share files between your personal computer and our Android without the need for cables in the attempt.

Pasar fotos entre dispositivos a lo Minority Report

The shame of this sensational application for Android, is that at least until the moment we will only be able to share images and video files leaving out these possibilities the rest of files such as music, documents or even files ZIP or APK, at least for the moment today are not supported by the application.

I advise that if you want to understand and understand more easily the operation of this application for Android, you take a look at the attached video that we have started this post, and it is that in it I explain step by step and with all luxury of details, Photo Swipeoperation.

Free download photo Swipe from Google’s Store Play

Download: FotoSwipe – photos videos (Free, Google Play) →

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