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Try Harder, new Noodlecake Studios in which bodies become platforms

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Among all the studies of video games that are positioning as best for the casual games, such as Nitrome, Kechapp Games or many others, Noodlecake possibly the best rhythm games it carries in the year and has been able to issue several tremendous quality. 3 weeks ago brought us Super Stickman Golf 3, Road to be King 5 months ago, Caterzillar less than a month ago and the two wonders that are Chameleon Run and High Adventure completo. If had that measure the quality of a study by the middle of every one of their games when is take their 10 last released to the market, surely that Noodlecake is would find between them best.

Now just published, nor does several hours, Try Harder, or what it means to “Work more”. A casual with a high quality video-game graphics and has a good casual tone so let us not remain merely bored trying to pass those obstacles. A title that comes in the category of platforms endless runner and which puts us in the position in which they run, jump and slide down to go over some more score against these deadly traps you find along the way. Another game of those casual and that has a touch quite original to demonstrate that know choose very well each one of them games that publishing, since has been the Studio that is have charge of its development.

An endless runner carefree and a bit chaotic

Noodlecake searched a game that has a pretty funny tone to get away from the stereotype of platformer to dive more into a game that seemed that we were at home. This is checked since we started the app to find the main character begins to walk towards a hellish pit in which the poor will die. So already is encouraging us to take the reins and move us into its gameplay.

Try harder

Try Harder puts us in an endless runner in which we have to apply our skills for short breaks and long. We also help a table which will bear on the back and with which we can slide down as if a parachute to jump on those hellish pits. We will have the ability to use a kind of ball with spikes coming us very well for certain moments in which the end of the game looks like it is approaching.

A game curious in which those bodies are converted in platforms

Apart from voice that will remind us at every moment that game we are playing, Try Harder has some good interesting curiosities. One of them is that once we die, we leave a trail of our body that we will see whenever we pass by the same area again and again. You can already imagine that can be formed if we accumulate deaths, but big is that these dead bodies will become platforms by itself alone. Another of its peculiarities is that can reset a level to change all their platforms if so it want.

Try Harder

As in other games, can take them enhancers to so use them in his time. And more or less this is Try Harder, a game casual that is leaves like and that not arrives with more intention of that it passes very well during the time in which are undermining it.

It have of form free from the Google Play Store with the evident micropayments for a game that is worth of the model freemium. Another point that sum Noodlecake Studios.

Quality technical

Try Harder

Noodlecake knows search very well that games has of publish, and which carry this study have some very good feats to decide if take a video game or not. Try Harder has a great visual style, animated and funny characters, and excellent performance which seeks to not think that it will consume much battery.

Opinion of the editor


  • His funny tone casual
  • Great style visual


  • Nothing

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