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Turin Phone Cadenza, or phone from NASA, with two chips Snapdragon 830, 12 GB of RAM and 60MP camera

Turing Cadenza

I don’t know where to start, but let’s say that Turing Robotics Industries has announced a new smartphone that could be called the smartphone of NASA, to have not one, but two chips Snapdragon 830. The funny thing is that we do not know even that that chip exists, so they’ll know your ad. An ad that is not only on two processors, but much more…

This phone, the Turing Phone Cadenza, comes with two modules of 6GB RAM (12 GB of RAM in total) and offers 1 TB of storage with two modules of 256 GB memory for the memory of the motherboard and an additional 500 GB through the slot micro SD. We will hopefully have a spectacular battery, because it possibly turn it on and within minutes the screen is left us off…

Specifications of the Turin Phone Cadenza

  • 5.8 inch (2560 x 1400)
  • 2-processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 830
  • 12 GB of RAM
  • 1 TB internal storage (2 memories of 256GB, 500GB microSD card)
  • Swordfish OS
  • IMAX 6K, triple lens rear cam 60MP
  • Dual front 20MP camera
  • 4 SIM card, WiGig
  • 100 Wh battery (triple Graphene 2,400 mAh battery 1600 mAh Li-ion of hydrogen power source)


This phone will work with Swordfish OS, a fork of Sailfish OS that incorporates a special learning and offers a unique combination in the chassis of liquid metal which call Turing, is more resistant than aluminum and steel. The phone was initially prepared for its launch last year, but had several delays.


This terminal would be devised for 2017 and among some of its special features the company would integrate artificial intelligence, while those specifications seem to be more smoke or a terminal concept by 2025. As you say, there is always hope to make it become a reality this Turin Phone Cadenza which, to secure good, will not leave indifferent anybody, especially in the part of the humor…

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