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Twitter Dashboard is a tool for the social network focused on small businesses

Twitter Dashboard

Twitter has become the way of contact to be a closely with prospective clients or open possibilities for a business to be able to communicate with other companies. The power of social networks rises to more than we are accustomed to, and there is nothing more to do as Instagram has become a souk where all kinds of artists show their abilities in any artistic expression.

Now is when the micromensajes social network wants to put the accent on children with a tool called Twitter Dashboard and that allows to have one place to the timeline and statistics, as well as a great choice that is to schedule tweets to and better manage the messages that are sent from this great platform that has many different according to the company or business uses.

Twitter Dashboard comes with the idea of helping small businesses to connect with their customers and community. Larger companies tend to have sophisticated tools, so the social network wants to offer one to make any business size that is, be able to have the information and tools needed to enhance your Twitter.

You can create a custom feed that is more specific to the business or small business, so attentive to the tweets that suit you best can the Twitter account manager; manage the scheduling of messages that you want to reach the audience, an action that can be done from the mobile device. and get ideas and inspiration that can help your business to increase your community or even benefits by having a better presence on Twitter.

Twitter Dashboard is available at the moment in the desktop version and iOS. We assume that we will not take long to get the version of Android, so we will remain mindful of this.

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