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Twitter is renewed to Material Design with menu navigation, button FAB and more


Twitter is for those apps that still testing new ways to enhance the user experience. We have seen many developments in the last two years and all they seem to not have content enough to the team that is responsible for this app for Android and iOS. They even hired Joaquim Vergés, the popular developer of Falcon Pro, to help them with ideas and proposals.

It is now when Twitter has received a major upgrade which renews the design and touches some aspects of great importance. It also features in this new version with the features of Material Design that offers a great experience in the visual and various animations that you will have from now on when you use this social network of micromensajes.

Among the objectives of the new update has been sought that is easier for users to move more quickly between the various screens such as timeline, notifications or direct messages. The tabs at the top of the app have been enlarged to make easier their interaction and Twitter has removed the bottom buttons twit, camera and image gallery.

Twitter Material Design

Now we have all the most important interaction from these three tabs above which integrate the number of notifications or direct messages. Another major new feature is typical side navigation panel of Design Material from which can access profile, featured, lists, connect tab and settings.

Finally we also have FAB floating button that allows us to compose a Tweet quickly. In short, a major update that puts us in another Twitter app of which has been to go directly to what users are demanding. Now that the rest of third-party apps will it be more difficult.

The update should be available now in the Play Store.

Download: Twitter (Free, Google Play) →

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