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Twitter now will qualify your conversations and will have answers to the Tweets


Twitter is tweaking them replies to tweets in their apps mobile to thus get to the light what is best in terms of “best content”. A social network that follows with the rumors that will be purchased, but for certain channels has a great value.

The page of support of the company indicates their updates to them talks, which includes the classification of talks and the counter of answers direct. The first is a feature that will be very good to be able to count the number of responses that a Tweet has received in the same way that is done with the retuits and I like you.

And being this network of micromensajes all around the interaction, thus it is the counter answers as well useful to highlight a Tweet that has a large number of messages and conversations between different users. Twitter expects that this feature will encourage to launch more tweets and mention that direct replies counter does not indicate the number of responses in a whole conversation.

With regard to the classification of the conversation, while this feature has been available in the desktop version of Twitter for a year, he makes his debut in the mobile app. When a tweet, chronological responses will not be taught in order to expand. Instead, Twitter will show different users in different subgroups of conversations related to a Tweet in particular. These subgroups are based on the activity or if the original author of the tweet has responded.

A classification that has not prompted much criticism as if it was this algorithm to the timeline of Twitter earlier this year, so it will not cause a lot of stress on the fans of this social network in its mobile version. An app that recently added a curious way to make followers.

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