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Twitter wants to decide its sale this month

Podrás publicar tweets más largos en Twitter desde el 19 de septiembre

With great sadness for those who are large faithful to Twitter, is rumored that the network social of microblogging is looking for potential buyers from the month passor. In this race of possible companies interested Alphabet, Disney or Salesforce, are but it is also rumored that Apple possible interest in the topic.

The latest report published by the Reuters agency points out that negotiations could soon come to an end. Alluding to “people familiar with the matter”, the Agency says that Twitter expected conclude them negotiations with a buyer in the moment in that make public its report of results relative to the third quarter of the year, the next 27 of October.

Twitter on sale

Just began to look for a buyer and Twitter want to conclude this process of sale as soon as possible. So much so that the company has already reduced the list of candidates and hopes to conclude the negotiations during the next twenty days.

Salesforce, Alphabet and The Walt Disney Company seem to be the more firm candidates to buy Twitter.

With its acquisition from Salesforce, Twitter would recover in focus of communications to the service of the customer, an approach that already has restarted during the last year. The Walt Disney Company would use the service to reinforce its section of sports and his presence in them means social while Google (Alphabet) would continue the approach social and of news.

Is rumored that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, would have certain predilection by Disney, although in the past has been already rumors of the interest of Google by this network social.

The report says that still is likely that finally none of these negotiations comes to good port and Twitter not is sold. Meanwhile, Dorsey is from transmit security to those actions and employees about the future of the company.

Despite having more than 313 million active users, the growth of Twitter has been far behind Snapchat or Instagram, hampering its ability to increase profits.

The 27 of October Twitter will give to know their results financial and for then, probably, already can meet to its new owner. It remains to be seen whether the sale will affect users.

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