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Two Google smartphones will be called Pixel and Pixel XL


Google wants to complete the Repertoire of its Pixel range with its chromebook launching October 4 Pixel and Pixel XL which will be their two phones and sell that to have been masterminded by themselves. We all know that they are actually both the Sailfish and Marlin manufactured by HTC and that initially was going to be the two new Nexus devices.

So the Pixel will be 5 inch device Sailfish, while Pixel XL will be 5 Marlin, 5″. A quite striking news that if unite it to the of two days ago in which met that Google will place the Nexus brand, finally is Pixel that comes to replace it to frame a series of products with variety such as those chromebook.

Now, speculations begin to be released on if HTC will be able to bring those two numbers to the “premium” image that holds currently the brand Pixel. The funny thing is that Google has never seen the Pixel brand as the best of the best, but that Yes, will sell the Pixel and Pixel XL as if they were two phones created by themselves.

This leads us to another possible conclusion and is that Google’s relationship with the manufacturer who manufacture your phone almost erase the line that separates the relationship between the two. For this we will wait, but at the moment we have two phones that if you put the HTC brand, nobody would say that they non-Taiwanese manufacturer, since is clear where they come from.

What we can say is that the Nexus brand is no longer with us. If this is the plan devised by Google, as I tried to reveal two days ago, time will tell, the only thing we have before us is an October 2 that will be the day that will be presented.

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