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Two sons embark on a majestic adventure game in the Brothers: A tale of Two Sons

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505 Games are responsible for having brought the large Terraria a few years ago to Android. Yes, that magnificent sandbox which you copied in many things to Minecraft, but that was noted for bringing all this essence to a 2D world. The curious case of Terraria which also served as inspiration for Mojang, the team responsible for the development of Minecraft. To play this kind of titles on a mobile device raises the possibilities of gaming, so we are always attentive to new releases from 505 Games.

As he arrived days ago with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a platform 3D graphics very well worked and that lead us to an epic adventure. One of the latest and greatest indie games of the moment who come from Steam and which lands on Android so you can enjoy with a game that offers a great history, has a good technical development and that it entices both closely related to games created with passion by a small team of developers.

Explore this living world that awaits you

An epic story told without words and you’ll discover yourself from your smartphone. Put in a separate world in different chapters, from what can be some caves nauseating to the peaks of the mountains where you will have to use all your skill to scan to be able to pass through them. A mystical world inspired by Nordic archaeology and culture in which two brothers are challenged all the time.

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons

The two sons want to heal as it is to his sick father who is torn between life and death. Its mission is to go in search of the “water of life” on a trip where he will have to learn to rely on each other to continue forward. NAIA and Naiae are two brothers in this epic fairy tale in which you have to each one of the brothers with an analog stick in the same gamepad or virtual remote control. You have this control from a touch screen gets another type of interaction different from the view on other platforms.

An atmosphere and Visual intoxicants

Brothers: A tale of two sons is an adventure in which environments, architecture and the possibility to take a hang glider to explore this magical world that awaits us, puts us to a great experience in the visual and entertainment.

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons

As we go forward throughout the world and facing different bosses, the history will be relieving before us. The game does not have much content, is rather short, with three or four hours of play. Perhaps this is a handicap when you get a moment in which we want to find out more of this title that is played with emotion and that particular way to control two characters at the same time.

From a graphic point of view on a smartphone, this game has some very good visual and is available for Android 4.0 or higher. That Yes, prepares €3.29 to play a great game with all content through a single payment.

Technical quality

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons

We are talking about a port that comes from consoles and PC to bring us a title for mobile devices that has a great success in the visual aspect with well-designed environments and textures well carried out. Their puzzles and game mechanics are well earned and it is located in an area in which there is many games as well.

To be developed in 3D, you know what to expect in the battery consumption and the need to have a good hardware on the mobile to be able to pull with the lighting and the environment that becomes very striking in many moments. It will miss the shading on the characters, but I guess that it will be a thing of the optimization of the game. An adventure awaits you as it did the same.

Opinion of the editor


  • His visual
  • History


  • Having to control both of them at the same time

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