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Two tips to improve the battery life when we play Pokémon GO

Cómo ahorrar batería Pokémon

Pokémon GO has finally come and we went out to the street to hunt those Pokemons, find those other sites, and fight for gyms. We are slowly discovering what Niantic Labs and Nintendo has devised to realize that our phone battery bar goes down to a speed that can almost give you a heart attack one. It is that we are talking about a video game that uses the camera to hunt vermin, GPS for location and active the display to be able to discover those Pokemon that appear to our surprise.

This brings us to a very high consumption of battery that little we can do really. Although the two Councils we are going to give you can partly mitigate excessive consumption so that it is not so much. What I recommend is that if you are a fan of Pokemon and have thought to buy a new phone, look at its autonomy because most lack you will do while we wait for that they optimize the game so it does not consume so much.

Active characteristic of battery settings in the Pokémon GO

We have a very interesting option in the same game that is supposed to save battery by consuming 40% less. Actually not much is known on what is this feature, but it is assumed that he makes a better optimization of the constant use that makes the GPS phone and location that activates with the data connection.

  • Click on the button half red and white
  • From the next screen we access Options in the upper right corner

Ahorro batería

  • We activate the option “Battery-saving”

We have the option to disable the vibration that can also come in to save some battery, but a percentage very low indeed.

Buy a power bank

I will not walk with nonsense, acquires a power bank to connect to your smartphone when you go hunting with Pokémon GO. I think that it is the best advice that can be given right now while we wait for that the wearable perhaps allowing that do not use both the smartphone to go hunting launch. Although this can check it when you go out to the market, which should be when is globally released the game worldwide.

Power Bank

You have one or several power banks will help you not to rely on the mobile battery, apart from the fact that right now it can be found at a good price. I know that it is not a setting that you can change in the mobile and it is a physical object, but it is what it is right now with Pokemon GO. Also there is that set is that is released of form regional, and this is must to will be optimizing the game for trying to get you in your best State in the launch global.

Other options

Apart from waiting for the wearable, buy a smartphone that has a large capacity battery or access a power bank, always remain those tips we used many in the early years of Android in which it was recommended that we desinstaláramos applications that we don’t use much, we reduced the brightness of the screen (this may help a bit) or desconectáramos bluetooth if we had it on.

Ahorrar batería

Another tip would be that you usarais a vehicle as a bicycle that you can move from a location to another in the shortest time possible, apart from the fact that exercising is one of the best features of Pokémon GO, forcing one move to go hunting. Come on, almost as if we were living in another era and to eat we should go hunt down the Hill or mountain.

Anyway, as I said, hopefully Niantic Labs know to improve the optimization of the battery, because for a phone as it is my Xperia Z5, which is drink battery literally don’t want to even think that it occurs in a terminal of more than 2 years or those who do not have much autonomy.

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