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Ulefone Power 2, an economical choice to Huawei P10

Ulefone is offering Ulefone Power 2-price of the demolition. And is that what you can buy for 171 euros here, priced very tempting if we take into account their technical specifications.

To do this, the Asian manufacturer has released a video where compares the Ulefone Power 2 with Huawei P10. Two very different ranges phones but they have some very similar aspects.

Ulefone Power 2 vs Huawei P10, duel of the Titans

ULEFONE Power 2  vs Huawei P10

To start the Huawei P10 features a display of 5.1 inches and Full HD resolution while Ulefone Power 2 has a slightly larger screen, achieving the 5.5 inches and counting with the same Full HD resolution.

Although the difference in terms of processor is more than remarkable, opting for the best processor HiSilicon Huawei while Ulefone chooses one of MediaTek, cheaper and less powerful solutions, both terminals have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.

Where the Ulefone Power 2 sweeps its competitor is in the aspect of autonomy. While the 3200 mAh battery boasts Huawei P10 are more than sufficient to support all the hardware of this phone, the Ulefone Power 2 stands out for the 6,050 mAh boasts its battery and that promises an impressive range.

Finally, commenting that both models have a double camera system. In the case of Huawei P10 assembles a double 12-megapixel lens, while the Ulefone Power 2 has two 16-Megapixel rear camera. Let us remember that Megapixels are unimportant, but it is interesting to see that the new Ulefone Power 2 has a very good camera to a price that does not exceed 200 euros.

In short, if you are looking for a powerful phone, good autonomy and allow you make photographs excellent, especially with bokeh effect or unfocused, spending little, Ulefone Power 2 is the best choice to consider.  Now that give a cover to the phone, screen saver and base to buy a Ulefone Power 2.

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