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Ulefone T3, the next ship logo of Ulefone will surprise you by its powerful hardware

Ulefone continues to show their next phone. If a few days ago we told you about the Ulefone Power 2, now it is the turn to Ulefone T3, a phone that will highlight by having the processor helium 30 X, the jewel in the Crown of MediaTek.

Through the web page of the manufacturer, we can see the first image of the device as well as some details on their technical characteristics. And I’m going to bring a few surprises since this Ulefone T3 is a top phone.

These are the characteristics of the T3 Ulefone

HElio P30

And to start, as well as having one of the best processors in the market, this device have 8 GB of RAM, a 2 K screen and a dual system of dual camera located on the back of the phone.

As you may have seen the hardware that will mount the Ulefone T3 is really impressive. And all this surrounded by an aluminium body that will equip the device of an aspect really premium.

Still much to see this phone, according to Ulefone T3 will not see the light until the second half of this year 2017, but the fact that one of these Chinese brands bet by releasing a phone that is going to fight for the high end of the sector always is good news.

In this way large manufacturers do not fall asleep on its laurels, as happened at the time to Nokia when it ruled with an iron fist the market, and continue to innovate to keep up. That Yes, if the Ulefone T3 does not exceeds the 450 euros would be one of the bombings of the year.

Now just wait for the manufacturer confirm release date of this Ulefone T3 and tell us your price, the great unknown of a terminal that looks very interesting and to which we will continue the track.

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