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Ulefone Tiger, a smartphone with 4. 200mAh battery, pre-sale for €86,19

Whenever the autonomy of a smartphone, the vast majority of manufacturers begin to add delicacies increases a little more as it is the secondary screen for notifications, circular LEDs or dual cameras getting to “suck” a little more battery. When there are many who prefer a terminal that hold its day of ample form, you should go to other manufacturers as Ulefone.

Ulefone is not that it is a well known brand, but it gives the nail on the head with battery and a presale that is available in today for €86,19 to your new Ulefone Tiger. For that price you can buy a smartphone that has a 5.5 inch screen resolution HD, 2 GB RAM and a Sony IMX291 camera back, which is not so bad to get all day with his 4200 mAh battery.

Its metal body is another attraction, one is its dual SIM capability, and the ability to increase memory internal 16 GB with a micro SD (up to 128 GB), ends up adorn what is a terminal that, in the datasheet look very good.

Ulefone Tiger

Apart from that 5.5 inch screen resolution HD, its 2 GB of memory RAM, those 16 GB of internal storage and a back camera Sony IMX219 (that know their MP), more your Samsung SE5K2 front, also has a scanner for fingerprint and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

So has tempted enough to know more than he, or even available in presale, available on offer until October 29 for those €86,19, can pass at the end of the entrance to go straight to the promotion of the Ulefone Tiger. A device that surely has its details, since at that price should be negative, but overwhelmed by those components mentioned somewhere.

Get the presale of the Ulefone Tiger

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