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Use your heavenly powers to create or destroy a universe of pixel in The Sandbox Evolution

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Playing gods is something that some video games among which we find the mythical Populous, a game of 1989, in which we had go to a village with divine interventions with the aim of destroying the faithful of other gods. A game in which the isometric view, pixels and a great gameplay mechanics made him a single title at the end of the 80s. Few games clashed both apart from offer us the same feelings have a deity when he has a whole people to their feet. Just two years ago we also had a game in the style called Godüs and created by the great Molyneux that puts us almost in the same position that we have in hand, The Sandbox Evolution.

We have the second part of The Sandbox, in which our heavenly powers we can create and destroy a whole universe of pixel. A game in which physics, its more than 170 elements and controllable heroes and the ability to create our own levels to share, puts us before a good special game in which creativity and imagination have no limits, apart from those who put ourselves. If these prepared to create volcanoes, throw lightning or destroy the life you’ve created, then passes to get to know one of the most original games that have ever been created.

It creates and destroys with whimsy

From the tutorial, in a few minutes, you can learn what you expect with The Sandbox Evolution. You use the menu to unlock the water that you can launch your same finger on Earth. You go back to the menu and select land to release about the free space so that it falls on the floor. Now we have to unlock the tree to plant the seed and it grows before us. The following shall introduce several humans in our created world they are inhabiting it and we will have some of the ingredients to enjoy this game.

The Sandbox Evolution

Following this tutorial, it will show that we use fire to burn the stone which lies inside a great mountain which is located just beside the Valley that we just created with the humans living on it. Click hold on the stone, and in a moment we would have created a volcano that will sprout lava down the mountain so that those humans eventually die and be destroyed by our creation.

Nothing happens, we take back and the game that we have previously saved we will again before the humans, with the Valley and that water can be converted into a lake. This is the gameplay that we get in the first minutes of play and only the beginning of everything what we expected with The Sandbox Evolution.

Huge worlds compared to the previous version

The Sandbox Evolution allows us to create worlds ten times larger in the previous version. You have 170 elements that you must unlock and devising how they interact. You can manipulate natural elements such as mud, water, sand, fire, metal, electricity, acid, lava, and more; playing with all these originarás moments really epic in which heroes will have different skills such as Arnold, which is capable of firing, or Fujin, coming to fly.

The Sandbox Evolution

You can also sprout a variety of vegetation with many plants and trees; give life to your worlds with wolves, bears, cows or dogs between other kinds of animals; and decorate houses, igloos or castles, which may live human with artificial intelligence.

You can access campaigns and daily quests, and the rest I leave to you, to discover it since it has much content to enjoy a game in which you will become all God. You have it free from the Play Store with obvious micropayments.

Technical quality

The Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox Evolution has a special reverence for pixels and uses them to create a very interesting physics of objects. The graphics are a great design and everything as a whole wastes great quality. A game in which technically close to almost perfection and is best to try it to know what I’m talking about.

Opinion of the editor


  • The infinite possibilities
  • Its visual style pixel
  • The physics of objects


  • Nothing

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