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Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in France receive a free 128GB microSD

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Yes, although may seem strange, there are many holders of a Galaxy Note 7 in all the world. Not all the world is is seeing affected by them problems of blasts of that phone that was simply one of the best smartphones manufactured until the moment. I am referring, obviously, to your specifications and design.

The funny thing is that Samsung France is now offering a gift quite notable to users who have been affected by the problems of Galaxy Note 7. Those who acquired a Galaxy Note 7 and returned it, are beginning to receive 128 GB microSD card free of charge.

This gift is added to the discount who returned his Note 7 have received to buy a new one. What interesting is that Samsung is sending some apologies in the paper that wraps the card micro SD. It seems that they will not be sufficient all that den, since they take advantage of every opportunity to show his “punishment”.

Samsung France also is offering to the customers of the Galaxy Note 7 the opportunity of win a trip to the Samsung Life Changer Park, the Park of reality virtual or VR of the company that has established in Paris. Now is wait that this form of thank the loyalty to the brand is carry to other regions and countries of the world in where them problems of the Note 7 have been more notales.

And while them problems of the battery of the Note 7 have damaged the brand, it surprising is that a great amount of fans of the Galaxy have created a club of fans in which is dan CITES thousands of them to demonstrate its loyalty to Samsung. The manufacturer Korean has a margin of error, as is can see, so hopefully that that Galaxy S8 is perfect and not count with any type of error that would be tragic for the future of Samsung.

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