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USPTO confirms that mode desktop “DeX” of the S8 Galaxy acts as if it were your PC

Samsung Dex

Two days ago the same The Guardian, the Rotary UK of great popularity, left us almost speechless by the large amount of details he shared about the imminent S8 Galaxy. Screen no bevels, audio jack of 3.5 mm, 64GB of base in the internal memory, sensor rear tracks and even desktop mode are some of the features that were mentioned to everyone’s surprise.

It is thereby desktop to the Microsoft Continuum that powerfully struck and that is called Samsung Dex. USPTO is which has just confirmed that Samsung has registered the same name. This desktop mode allows through the connection of the S8 Galaxy to a dock, having a small PC in the auxiliary display that we conectaríamos it. Versatility is the word that we could find to express what will be that way.

The Korean technology giant has filled the registration for the name “Samsung Dex”. It is in the category of goods and services, and according to the documentation of the record is “a software application that serves to project the screen of your mobile device to other peripheral devices and wireless networks; peripheral devices for computers; computers for wireless network communications software; computer software, namely, software to control the adaptation to the mode”.

This sample is that the S8 Samsung Galaxy will be able to project a large screen with some kind of user interface through a desktop environment. Other sources indicate that Samsung already registered the term “Samsung Dex Station”, which would be hardware, possibly that mentioned dock, allowing you to attach it to the smartphone.

We will stay still for read more leaks about the imminent Galaxy S8 continues taking increasingly more entity and lifting more expectations, as well as a bit of hatred for having as exclusive Snapdragon 835.

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