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Verizon buys Yahoo by 4.830 million of dollars


Yahoo had its big moment a few years ago and has gradually been overtaken by other big as Google. It still has its value and we have seen how Android have been able to update their apps quite rightly so that those users who continue to rely on their applications, can be a day in terms of design and services that provide.

It is now when, after months of meetings and negotiations, Yahoo has finally found a buyer: Verizon. The mobile operator has confirmed to paid 4.830 million by the Yahoo business. All activity of Yahoo advertising, such as content, search and mobile operations will become property of Verizon.

That buys excludes the shares in bag of Yahoo in Alibaba Group Holding and Yahoo Japan, a package that if only arrives to the value of 37,000 million of dollars. What does get Verizon with this purchase is the purchase of Tumblr and Flickr, two well popular services that have been frozen in time, for this buy what can that it benefits you in the long run.

Once all the transfer is finished, the company name will be changed and will become another. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, not is responsible of lead that new stage, but it will be by see where is placed, since has declared that their intentions is stay is and cheer is to the next chapter of Yahoo.

For the part that touches him to AOL, the company that merges Yahoo, Tim Armstrong, CEO of it, says that the purchase will create a new and powerful competitive rival in what is the average mobile. This will be with several services such as the own email featuring 225 million monthly users worldwide.

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