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Viber allows free calls between the United States and the countries affected by the Trump order


Popular messaging and VoIP calls, Viber, service has responded to the anti-immigrant order of Donald Trump allowing users to carry out free calls between the United States and any of the seven affected countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya.

As many of you know from years ago Viber offers free calls over the internet (VoIP) from mobile devices, much before WhatsApp implement this function, but also has a service called Viber Out that allows you to call landlines. This function costs a money, not is free, except in them countries selected in these moments because the company already has announced that the calls between phones fixed and mobile that is produce between United States and them seven countries affected by the controversial ban of immigration of Donald Trump, will be free.

Viber lends its support to victims of the Trump order

If someone still does not know, last Friday the newly released Estados Unidos Chairman Donald Trump issued an executive order that it prohibited the entry into the country all citizens born in any of the seven countries cited above, all Muslim-majority.

The measure has generated a great embarrassment, as well as all of a wave of protests that began the next day. This order does not makes distinctions, affecting even to people to which already is had granted asylum in the country of the Uncle Sam in quality of refugees.

Viber has responded to the decision of this business Tycoon now to become the most powerful man in the world with the following statement:

In the light of recent events in the United States, now offer free calls to any landline or mobile number between the United States and Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen so that those affected have now one barrier less to cross when they are trying to reach their loved ones.

The calls to phones fixed in Viber used credits that can be acquired through the own application. The cost of these loans varies depending on the country, for example, twenty minutes of credit for calling to Syria are priced at five dollars. These rates are those that have been deleted.

From now on, and we understand that temporarily, those who are in any of the countries concerned may also make calls to landlines and mobiles in United States for free with the aim of facilitating that you people can be in permanent contact duration of this situation of uncertainty.

The list of detractors to the order of Trump is still increasing

Company or organization that has clearly expressed a stance against the anti-immigration policy undertaken by Donald Trump, although in this case the company made Viber isn’t the only implicitly.

This tomorrow you had that the Executive of Google, Sundar Pichai, has sent a letter to them employees of the company criticizing it decision taken by Trump and manifesting its concern by, at least, 187 employees of the company that is would be seeing affected by the order:

Are upset by the impact of this order and of any proposed that can impose restrictions to them Googlers and to their families, or that could create barriers to bring great talent to the U.S. It is painful to see the personal cost of this Executive order in our colleagues,Sundar Pichai said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, It has also sent a note to employees that, among other claims, says that order “is not a policy that we support”, at the time that reported that “there are employees at Apple who are directly affected by the order of immigration of yesterday”.

Meanwhile, different organizations in defence of human rights point out that this measure constitutes a direct attack on religious freedom.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, He has also pointed out in your page on your social network that “we need to keep this country safe, but we should do it” focusing on people who actually pose a threat.

Viber is a service of messaging and calls cross-platform desktop version available for Mac and Windows, as well as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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