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Viber is updated in 6.1 with GIFs, messages history and more backup support

Viber 6.1

Of Viber, although as one of messaging apps used the planet as we know recently, we don’t have so many news as coming from Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Anyway, we face an app that you continue to receive updates.

VIVER now updated in the version 6.1 with a series of important features and enhancements in their versions of Android and iOS. The update received support for animated GIFs and already allows you to make a back of your chat history. Two very important developments and that they have the majority of apps, although the support of GIFs to WhatsApp has not yet come.

While we are still waiting for that sometime WhatsApp guys decide to bring support for animated GIFs to the planet most used Messaging app, now is Viber which it comes with support for this format of files so that they can send, receive and view them from the same conversations.

Another great version 6.1 of Viber option is the ability to manually make a backup copy or backup of all messages to iCloud or Google Drive history. As a bonus, can restore these messages of chat to the same phone number, even if this is to be activated in a new device. To be eligible for backup, will have to go to the screen “more” and select settings > Viber backup > select backup. In the event that you want to restore messages, you must select it from the own settings.

With regard to the GIFs, support to the desktop version of Viber is underway as he announced the company from an entry on his blog. A few GIFs getting to encourage talks as many have proven in Telegram.

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