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[Video] So run the Pixel Launcher Shourcouts Launcher

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An of them novelties implemented in Pixel Launcher, if is that is you can call so given its implementation from makes already more than one year in Blackberry Launcher to mode of Widgets Shourcouts3, are them Launcher Shourcouts of Pixel Launcher.

Pixel Launcher the Launcher Shourcouts come to be a kind of 3d Touch, the new added functionality in the iPhone of Apple, which by means of a special screen that detects the different levels of pressure, is able to interact in different ways by clicking on the screen at different pressure levels.  The great difference between the 3d Touch of Apple and these Launcher Shourcouts of Pixel Launcher, is that to difference of them iPhone of Apple that need of a screen with technology Forze touch, in them new terminals of Google or in all that application that it want to implement, is going to to enjoy of this species of 3d Touch without need of need have an of these screens special and by consequence We will be able to enjoy on any Android ternminal and with any application that you want to implement in your code.

In the video attached that I have left in the header of this post, is us shows from one of these new terminals of Google, them Google Pixel and from its interface of user or Launcher Pixel Launcher, the operation of these so-called as Launcher Shourcouts.

Action Launcher 3

How already you have explained in some that another post, this already it have available currently them users of Android through the installation of applications as Action Launcher 3, application that implements them Launcher Shourcouts of Pixel Launcher although for this must acquired its version of pay or Premium that us costs 4.99 Euros.

Then have some that another option free as it is Blackberry Launcher, the Launcher own of them terminals Android of Blackberry, a launcher of applications that was the first in implement an option very similar to these Quickcuts or Launcher Shourcouts of Pixel Launcher, and that now it can download of way completely free via Play Store with so only click in the link that you have left a little more above these lines.

This functionality integrated in Blackberry Launcher, a functionality that already leads in the Launcher of Blackberry more than one year, us gives the possibility through a simple gesture of Swipe towards up or towards down, configure a species of Quickcuts or Launcher Shourcouts with which is us van to show a Widget floating of the application selected.


Certainly this of them Launcher Shourcouts, Quickcuts, Widget Shourcouts or as wants to that is you want call to this new feature added in Android, is a new functionality that goes to fill of air fresh to the system operating Android and to them applications that it decide to implement in your code source, and is that of time, as has secured Google , this new functionality added in those Google Pixel and its Pixel Launcher, of time and until not pass a good time, will be a functionality or feature added that as only it can find in them new terminals of Google.

Hope and trust, as happened makes just a month in which is leaked and suitable an apk of Pixel Launcher for can be installed of way manual in any terminal Android, the great community Android is put them batteries and is put hands to the work as soon as possible so can enjoy of the new Google Pixel Launcher of them Google Pixel in any terminal Android and with this new functionality called Launcher Shourcouts that simulates to the 3d Apple touch and that, as we see in the attached video that I have left at the beginning of this post, works but that very well.

Meanwhile I leave this video in which we can see as work them Launcher Shourcouts or Widget Shourcouts that us offers Blackberry Launcher of way totally free.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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