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Viking warriors await you in this exciting runner called Asgard Run endless

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Makes little have had a of the best additions as a game endless runner with Blades of Brim, it new of them creators of Subway Surfers, and that has great quality in all the senses. It is not easy to launch a countless endless runner that is capable of highlighting, since they are that might be launched in the year in the Play Store. Blades of Brim has the exact qualities to become a large audience that is now playing it non-stop and that leads us to a medieval theme that we can access different characters that venture into those endless racing.

In this thematic medieval have now another great endless runner, Asgard Run. A game created by an independent study, Amused Sloth, and that its priority is to throw the videogames that are able to draw a smile on the face of the player that installs it and launches it. Asgard Run has been launched globally. A game for fans of the Vikings and medieval touch that is perfect for this type of endless runner, in which we will have to know how to deliver accurate punches and jump over obstacles at other times. The release brings with it having Android players to try a unique for this hero OS, so if yours are the endless runner, it passes forward.

Viking warriors

Ayopa Games is responsible for publishing Asgard Run, game created by Amused Sloth. The first game of this Studio was Chickens Can Dream and was well received, by what is allied with Microsoft Games Studios to create Chickens Can’t Fly for Windows Phone. Now is when you have deployed its new video game called Asgard Run and has the characteristic of being a video game based on levels, but it has finally been modified so that it is also an endless runner; a category of video games that has wide acceptance around the world.

Asgard Run

The game has multiple characters to play. Like others in this genre, you’ll have to get the highest score to go thus breaking your own records. Another of its qualities is the environment, since you won’t limit to move right or left, it’s as if you were running on one cylinder. Along the way you’ll find all kinds of obstacles to try to slow down the speed that you take to save Asgard.

Choose a male or female hero

Something to appreciate is that you can choose between male or female hero. And it said, you’ll have a good amount of heroes to choose as a great variety of weapons and armor that will offer different skills and extras. You can jump, slide, rotate, and fight as sometimes you are given the ability to fly. Also have that go by unlocking new characters and those weapons elite that is responsible of propinar them blows more powerful.

Asgard Run

The enemies also has some variety to pass from skeletons to zombies to others of greater power and strength. Nor will miss the traps, ruins and meteorites that fall from the sky, so stay tuned. Got you for free from the Google Play Store with micropayments.

Technical quality

Asgard Run

A video game that has a very good technical quality and brings part of the Subway Surfers and Blades of Brim treasure: flashy graphics, lots of color and some animations very well achieved. Different cylinder game mechanics also gives you your one to provide us good hours of play and that focuses on the level, apart from the endless runner, is another point to add. It will have to follow the rest of the titles that this study of video game launch to the market, since Asgard Run offers lots of fun and a gameplay very vibrant and full of action, something to highlight without a doubt.

Opinion of the editor


  • Its graphic quality
  • Several characters to play
  • It is based on levels


  • Nothing

Download application

Download: Asgard Run (Free*, Google Play) →

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