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Vivendi is made with the Publisher of mobile games Gameloft


The succulent market that is developing games for mobile devices, is causing that the most recognized brands are which be thrown out to the pool by certain studios and publishers who are achieving great success with all those video games that have launched the Google Play Store and App Store. We already met as Activision Blizzard bought KING as one of the big surprises in recent months in the gaming related.

Today Vivendi has announced that it has purchased the 61,71% of the shares in Gameloft, which positioned her as the owner of the producer of mobile games that will get support and funding in this way at a time well complicated by the various insults coming from other companies. With this aggressive move by Vivendi, the team that is managing Gameloft has procured in follow remaining independent to follow with the same model that has been so successful.

Vivendi CEO I send letters to Gameloft employees informing them of updates and changes:

“We are convinced that Gameloft, under the umbrella of Vivendi, it may become more ambitious in its growth plans. In a market that is evolving very quickly, your company, which needs funding to continue to develop, will be able to count on our total support and commitment.

Our group has proved to be an expert to offer great support and talent in the development. You will now be part of a great adventure that we took together at the same time that Vivendi is taken seriously and with great ambition on the content and media. To carry out this plan, relegating your talent and creative freedom”.

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Vivendi is a large corporation that has interests in all the great Arch of multimedia content that can be reached from television, movies, telecommunications and property online as DailyMotion. Also has extensive experience in the video game market, since at the time had owned to Activision Blizzard, publishers of spectacular such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty franchises.

And the thing will not stay here, because now it is directed directly by Ubisoft, which controls AssassinsĀ“s Creed and FarCry. We will be aware.

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