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VPInput is the LG app to control the LG G5, G4 and V10 from your computer

LG VPInput

LG seeks forms provide another type of experience users of its phones. Modules arrived LG G5, of which it did not so long ago the review, and this goes along with the idea of the Korean manufacturer to add quality to the experience that you can get a user when you purchase one of their high-end. It is precisely what’s going this news today and has to do with the control of the device from the facility that is your desktop computer.

The Korean company has just released a new app for owners of the G4, G5, and V10 that gives the ability to easily match your LG smartphones with their PC computers through Bluetooth mobile. Available for free from the Google Play Store, the app is VPInput and gives the user the ability to control their devices with the mouse and keyboard of your PC, an appropriate solution when we are on the desktop and we want to look at the phone without interrupting our workflow.

VPInput you have to install it on your smartphone LG and at the same time have to accompany it with the program installed on the PC. Among some of its advantages is that the copied text from a document in Word on the PC can be stuck directly on your smartphone and a screenshot of your smartphone can be easily viewed on the monitor of your PC.

LG VPInput

Even on the PC keyboard function keys can be customized for use as shortcuts to launch your favorite apps on your smartphone. The only thing that you have to have is a Bluetooth connection that you can match your LG device with your computer without major problems. The app is free and you have it available from the Google Play Store.

Download: LG VPInput (Free, Google Play) →

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