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We finally have Android on an iPhone

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The war between these two OS or brands have finally given to an end. This is what the own Nick Lee, the modder who in April showed how Windows 95 could be used in an Apple Watch, and now us surprises again with all a great initiative that combines two still struggling in a fight that seems relentless in time.

And is that Lee has been able to perform outrageous, having Android on an iPhone. The key that you have achieved this feat, is a casing that hides a plaque that works with Android and that is connected to the screen of the iPhone. It may seem easy to do, it is not so much since the process carries with it to take certain considerations with regard to the software and the hardware.

For the part that touches you to the software, Lee changed the AOSP (Android Open Source Project), based on the source code for all versions of Android, to include processes and specific programs to communicate with the iPhone via USB, transmit the contents of the Android screen and then translate the touch events from iPhone to Android.

Android en iPhone

In relation to hardware, Lee had to look for a single Board (SBC) that would be smaller to fit into the casing of a smartphone powerful enough to provide a decent Android experience. And let’s not put it all together so you can connect and remove the casing at all times, that led through the 3D printer for those last details.

Lee finally has a well done hack work and although it is not perfect, housing three times the thickness of the iPhone and has lack of performance, it is the first Mobile Android on an iPhone.

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