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We speak with two security experts on malware on Android

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The malware in Android is one of those elements more dangerous of our devices. Until recently we thought that by downloading applications from the official store of Google phones would not be in danger. According to Josep Albors, CTO at ESET and a true expert in the security sector.

We have had the opportunity to interview to Josep Albors, a real Hunter of malware, and the truth is that it seems that our phones are not as safe as we thought.

Yes, malware can attack your phone from many points

Malware Android

According to their knowledge of a laboratory of malware the truth is that the vast majority of antivirus available in the app store are quite unhelpful, but forget of the well known phrase Type “antivirus is useless on an Android phone”. And no, it is clear that is not selling your product, but it us is telling of the location of the current market, a sector that is increasingly threatened by viruses and malware in general.

Interview with Raphael Labaca

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Also also we have been able to talk to Raphael Labaca, an expert Editor-in-Chief of and other ESET malware Hunter. With Raphael we talk about networks of bots that use Android phones to conduct mass DDos attacks or steal customer information.

The truth is that I recommend you much see the two interviews since they seem to really interesting and will help you to learn more ways you can attack your Android devices to steal information or use them as a zombie terminal.

But, If even doing a hard reset not is solves the problem, what can I do? How well say these experts in security, the best option is having a good antivirus on your mobile. There are several options available free, but seeing that these guys dominate the subject, I leave a link of the version free ESET NOD32 which has even a trial version to test all of your free premium services and see if it is worth worth pay the 9.99 euros which costs the subscription annual of its powerful antivirus for Android service

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