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What awaits us in the “Friendly Update” of Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition

I remember the first game I missed to Minecraft Pocket Edition in the first version of the version for Android that brought part of the essence of the game is created by the mind of Notch. In this first version, the world was rather a small block and we didn’t have even 10% of objects we can get today. Be used to explore dungeons for hours in local games that were generated randomly, then collecting those metals and thus finally return to the Castle built between several friends, was a sensation, who knew that it would be time to experience it in the pocket of this great video game version.

Today we can already get that gaming experience since Minecraft has been receiving important updates such as that we are waiting for you at the 0.15, or called as “Friendly Update”. This version is raising enough excitement and although still isn’t ready for deployment, Mojang has today published a post where he writes about the things that we see in this beta that will soon hit the Google Play Store door so let’s open it and move on to download the update to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The novelties of the 0.15

Mojang has taken time to make clear some of the new features, but has left a well mysterious and that quotes just the name of the update: “Friendly Update”. It has nothing to do with the option to play multiplayer games with Xbox Live friends, because this name it as-is, so we will leave that Mojang surprised us; It would not be the first time.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Apart from those games online with Xbox Live friends, can count on strings to catch pets, horses and the option to colorize armor for horses. Another great novelty is the ability to mount this Xbox achievements and pigs both in the version of Android as the iOS. We receive new zombies into the wilderness and skeletons for the tundra biome, so we have a good complete upgrade that touches nearly all branches of Minecraft.


  • Mysterious and unspecified location (go to know what it is)
  • Pistons and piston fixed
  • Observers blocks: new blocks that can detect changes in the neighbouring blocks
  • Xbox Live achievements both iOS and Android
  • Multiplayer online with Xbox Live friends
  • Ropes, horses and customizable color horse armor
  • Fire load (new object of the Nether and that tends to be fired by the Ghast)
  • Mount of piglets
  • A new interface for the main menu that goes alongside the Windows 10 Edition
  • The arrows can be loaded by using potions and cauldron
  • Husk zombies in the desert
  • Stray Skeletons in the tundra (like Husk their clothes go according to the biome)
  • Different peoples in the taiga and the savanna biome
  • Traps skeleton horse

Zombis nuevos

Apart from all these novelties, interesting part of them also Mojang has dedicated his time to let us know game adjustments that will be made to the mechanics . Something quite important that usually result in better performance and change in any of the ways in which we can interact with the environment that surrounds us in Minecraft. The respective corrections of bugs, which I will discuss some of them have also been included.

Adjustments to the game

  • Online game uses less bandwidth now
  • The notepads have greater volume
  • Walking away from the spawn it creates less problems
  • Added more eggs of mobs in the creative menu

Bugs corrections

  • Solved a lot of unexpected closures
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that caused the world to be corrupted or lost
  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to redstone thanks to suggestions from the community
  • The offset in the multiplayer fixes
  • Nether wart has a distinct visual appearance when it is planted
  • Less flickering when you select a block
  • The glass already does not green
  • Corrected the generation of chests in dungeons and desert times.

We will remain vigilant before the arrival of this important update that brings a great set of details.

For play Minecraft beta: Pocket Edition stop by here.

Download: Minecraft: Pocket Edition (€6,99*, Google Play) →

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