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What next from Samsung would be screens flexible; already have the patent

Samsung patente

If are almost eager to by know if finally the new Galaxy S8 will have a Variant without bevels as the Xiaomi my MIX, us find before another series of rumors that us lead by others paths. These are the possibility of finding us smartphones from Korean manufacturer in which the display would be flexible.

Has been throughout the year when have gone knowing some rumors in which is cites the possibility of that is launched smartphones flexible for the next year. Patents of this type of smartphones were also appearing so in today Samsung has registered patents for flexible screens in the Office of patents and trademarks of the United States.

The technology and design of screen flexible will allow to them panels fold is and will help in the creation of smartphones that are folded. Samsung indicates that the panel’s screen flexible includes a substrate flexible that is made of a material of plastic that has a great resistance to the heat.


The patent shows that the smartphone will have a fold under, by what not is doubled until the half. This what gets is that a portion of the screen is exposed so the user is capable of access to apps key of shape fast or see them notifications of a look. When is open, the screen will provide to them users with a massive screen to see movies or perform multitasking with multiple apps to open is of a time.

Already at the beginning of this month emerged renderings of the patent of the Galaxy X. In June, it was indicated that Samsung would have two flexible smartphones with screens OLED for 2017. One of those terminals practically is bend to the half, while the second would have a screen of 5 inches that is transformed in a tablet of 8 inches. As they say, see to believe.

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