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WhatsApp already allows the sending of GIFs animados, although with nuances


Telegram highlights by many things, but there is a that is takes the cat to the water and is the option of power send GIFs animated. Type the arroba and appears the option of Gif animated to appear before us a great amount of them to pass to the window of conversation. This encourages chats and they can be very fun if only we use GIFs to express ourselves with friends.

It is the latest beta, WhatsApp allows the sending of animated GIFs to contacts. Although works not just in Telegram, here you can create them to share with your friends or family. Has the option of using the Gallery of images, where have housed them GIFs, although of time not is active to the be the beta.

The steps to perform to send a GIF animated created by us same

  • From the conversation that we want to share a GIF animated Select attach as we do with other types of files
  • Click on the camera and select the option of video
  • Recorded the clip and from the mode of editing in the part upper left click on the camera
  • It will now look like GIF and select send

These GIFs are as is and maximum duration of 6 seconds as an MP4 file. The great handicap of this characteristic of shipping is that GIFs files can not be attached from the own image gallery. So let us hope that they make the leap and enable this functionality, because the of relegating in service of GIFs animated still seems as far away.

This option of shipping of GIFs animated is present in the last beta that you can download from this link. What we are left a little cold because it is still distance from GIFs of Telegram sending functionality, so it will be a matter of waiting that they decide…

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