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WhatsApp Androidsis leave and we went to Telegram Androidsis!.! Are you coming?

¡¡Dejamos WhatsApp Androidsis y nos pasamos a Telegram Androidsis!!. ¿Te vienes?Thank you all for the reply given in the video post announcing you the new WhatsApp Androidsis WhatsApp Androidsisvideo account, I’ve been forced to stop giving support to that account through WhatsApp is unmanageable for my WhatsApp is not ready for this number of messages. In place and for my comfort and all, I have opened a new group of Androidsis although this time in Telegram to which I hope that just as you have done with the Androidsis WhatsAppaccount, yoked together all to it since are all invited.

The advantages of join this new group of Telegram Androidsis are more than obvious, and it is that in addition to comfortably handle a greater number of users to the group, in this case groups of up to 5000 participants, is also worth mentioning that with just click on this link, you can join the group while safeguarding your privacy and without having to give your phone number in this case in particular just Let’s know your alias, in my specific case my personal Telegram alias is @Pakomola. Then I leave a video that will explain all the details of this decision, as well as explain some of the advantages of passing us whatsapp to Telegram.

To join the Group of Androidsis Telegram only you have to click on this link.

Invitation to the Group:

If want to receive in real-time all the news, articles and tutorials that we published daily in Androidsis, also you can join our Telegram channel by clicking here.

Welcome be all!!

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