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WhatsApp exceeds the figure of 1,200 million active users


If Instagram that you exited the map, WhatsApp could almost take a rocket and launch to space exploration that propulsion and special moment in a way in which it is located. In these days where is being accused by sharing information from users to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has taken its time to publish your company’s data in your account.

Of them is collected that WhatsApp has exceeded the Figure of 1,200 million active users worldwide. Certainly a figure outrageous and it seems that it has painted stop to continue welcoming more people who enjoy digital life via a mobile device in its bosom. And is that Zuckerberg can even boast of a 10.127 million dollars net profit; What is itself one 177% increase over the previous year.

In a whole year, WhatsApp has earned 200 million new users, which means if that is a growth of 20%. A figure that for this type of companies is a major victory for open champagne and more.


One of the best qualities of WhatsApp currently, is that it has not been “touched” by Facebook in its format. Something that has happened with Instagram, yes even though it has benefited from this change of course to video and other materials as the Instagram Stories (here we teach you how to create one).


WhatsApp has had a 2016 in news more interesting. The inclusion of video calling, the ability to send from the own Finder animated GIFs or those small changes that make a better user experience, have meant much to the every day of those 1,200 million users. You can know the best news from this video.

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