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WhatsApp includes the ability to share the location live in chats of group


We could almost say that finally WhatsApp will include a capacity that does not have its source of inspiration Telegram. Already of if this news has this great quality, since the second has served to indicate the road to the first due to it great capacity of your team in go adding certain news more than interesting and that offer much functionality to the user.

And it seems that WhatsApp is adding a new feature that improves the ability to share the location. It would be well soon when WhatsApp would add the ability to share realtime cue during a group chat. The feature would be being tested currently in WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS.

Currently, users can send a location to individual members in the same way that the group chat, although only shared location in the time that the message was sent.

The new feature was seen in the Android beta build (v 2.16.399) and iOS (v, although remains disabled by default. To activate it, If you are in the beta, will have to go to the groups settings option located at the top right where you can see the message “show friends” and that can be enabled or disabled as you want.

WhatsApp users can Select the time that will last update in real time. This means that it can be changed to 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes and indefinitely.

An interesting feature for those that are accustomed to share the location when is make quedadas or is going to eat with friends or family and that restaurant is unknown to the greater part of the group in this case. It is assumed that it would not take to incorporate it into the chat between two users, since it would be very good.

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