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WhatsApp users have more than 100 million calls a day


We are still hoping to get the option of making video calls to WhatsApp, apart from support for animated GIFs to encourage these conversations we have daily. A feature of video calling we have option to perform them with the app Redford, which integrates perfectly with WhatsApp.

Already at the time, the incorporation of voice calls was all a Grand arrival and if we now know that there are many users who use them on a daily basis, we can actually know their true impact. And it is that daily originate 100 million calls from WhatsApp or, what would be the same, 1,100 calls per second.

A figure that puts us to the reality that is, are increasingly more users who are on WhatsApp the time to send and receive text messages just as it happens with the calls. If the trend, it would not surprise us the same thing to happen with video calls, although for this type of communication are still many users who are reluctant to do so.

Turning to the data, two of the largest markets for the app are India and Brazil, where the ability to make these calls by VoIP is most needed. In India, 95% of the users of smartphones use WhatsApp, while in Brazil this percentage goes up to 94%. And it’s own app is also a setting in the app which decreases the quality of the call to reduce the consumption of broadband, which is one of the headaches for many users when they are away from home or a Wi-Fi connection.

WhatsApp has more than 1,000 million users globally and that it was bought by Facebook has improved considerably with many features like this one calls.

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