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When Google has become elitist, the nexus to the Pixel, the affordable smartphones to smartphones of luxury

Google Pixel

Today same you have counted all about them new Google Pixel, them new smartphones of Google with which definitely is has left of side the ideology of the first Nexus for return is ones terminals elitist and to the scope of ones very few privileged.

In this point of the road in which spent of them terminals Nexus to them Pixel, or what is it same, when Google is returned elitist and is wants to seem rather than never to their great competitor Apple selling terminals that not provide nothing new rather than their own prices exorbitant and inflated to the maximum, it only that us is clear all , it is his desire to seem more and more to the bite Apple offering us products which, for my personally deviate from ideology Android to evoke a new stage where Google wants to start flying to another level that very few users will achieve or opt for the purchase of one of these overpriced terminals. But, truth is these Google Pixel prices justified?.

Google Home

To begin analyzing whether the presentation of Google event, still have to change a lot of things so the of Mountain View in matter of events may seem even slightly to the Cupertino. A event that for my personally, me has similar something cheesy and of be by House, very far from the fabulous shows that us offer in their presentations official brands as Apple, Samsung or even companies Chinese as Xiaomi.

A presentation that seemed to be made in plan home and that not is for nothing made to the height of those so-called terminals of range high that us want to sell. Ones terminals to ones prices of authentic luxury, very far from what were in his day them Nexus of Google in which now is culminate in the part high of the table with prices that van from them 750 Euros in your model more basic, until them nothing despicable 1009 euros of the Google Pixel XL with 128 Gb of storage internal. That if, are allowed the luxury of laughing at the Apple iPhone that these if that incorporate the 3.5 mm jack for the connection of headphones.


If leave of side the cheesy and crappy event presentation of them Google Pixel that for my not has State to the height of them circumstances of a presentation of terminals of this caliber, the truth is such is that nor the product presented today with these two new Google Pixel, not deserves the penalty the large disbursement of money that these pose.

And now we have great alternatives in the current market, alternatives with technical specifications very similar and at much more affordable prices to these Google Pixel with that of Mountain View we want to literally sell the bike since they do not present any innovation or property for which they deserve the penalty pay this significant amount of money.


Is that many of you speak my mind freely is me you are going to shoot for the jugular with answers as of which these Google Pixel give us the guarantee of Google updates secured to newer versions of Android, as well as being the first smartphone on the market to incorporate Android 7.1 Nougat and offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But, of truth are willing to pay these high prices by make you updates to new versions of Android?.

I personally I prefer to catch a smartphone that has official Cyanogenmod support and wake me to upgrade my account to pay these amounts exorbitant for a smartphone that most users fail to get all the so-called potential offering us, and mostly limited to use it to take pictures, that if of the highest quality we can find right now on an Android device , send four WhatsApps and visiting networks social.

To make it clear, This is just my personal opinion, the personal opinion of a simple Android user who has great lucky enough to be able to try a lot of Android terminals to analyze and enjoy doing what he most likes to do, something that I would like to thank Androidsis from here and the opportunity that once gave me to fulfill my dream my passion and my devotion.

And you compraríais you one of these Google Pixel?.

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