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Who says that Apple and Samsung are the only ones which can release high end to high prices?


These days back, since the presentation of Pixel from Google, the critical have rained and them disappointments, more them cries of pain, have sounded by all parts by those prices and that range high Android with a phone designed by them of Mountain View. Is has read that where going to stop Google with those Pixel that nobody goes to buy, and rather than remember in those first years of Android that that same is was saying: that was a SO for certain geeks and that would be a tremendous error and failure. See you by where, that now Android is what is, the system operating for devices mobile more installed of the planet.

Now have opposite another litany, that Google not is nobody to manufacture range high to a price that goes on par that the phones of Samsung. That I know, those Galaxy S3 and S4, e inclusive the S5, at a price very high, were sold as doughnuts and not had that design premium of which now itself makes gala Samsung of the S6 and S7. What is is as Google not can take it its own road to manufacture and has of relegating in Samsung, Huawei and others so many so Android follow resisting them pushes of iOS of Apple. Go, that have seen until the cries of Samsung and Huawei this same year, in that even “have warned” that are looking others systems operating to the observe the becoming that is taking Google.

But who is Google to manufacture high range at these prices…

Already know that Google not is expert in the art of selling a product, for that have to Apple that without just bring something new to the palestra, in his keynote seems that are selling the mega new iPhone that will change again them lives of million of people. Surely that, if Google had the art of Apple in this sense, right now would be selling it as doughnuts those Pixel. But what remains is that Google presents many novelties in very little time without give is has nor of what have between hands.


This can be seen when one plays the video of one of the most popular youtubers of the moment, Marques Brownlee. In it you can see the pixel in all its entity and shape, and the truth a little strange feelings after the event, become a “want one”. Not to all the world you will happen it itself, but there is a great difference between those photos of presentation of the phone of Google to the have it in the hands of that expert in devices mobile.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Another of them critical was by the camera, and that if is has purchased to DxOMark (when even Apple mentions of form grandiloquent to that team of experts of photography in his own keynote of the iPhone 7), and that that score of 89 safe that is lying. Now we are again with that litany of that to where van and that such and it another. Come on, Google can make high-end phones when it was the Android community for years that when they launched a smartphone premium at those prices, buy.

Those poor Samsung, Huawei and others

Let’s take back a little in the time and go that week in which is launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 with that plastic “premium” (note is the irony). That year in which Samsung dominated the scene Android to their wide and that or those Xiaomi and others had landed and seemed more the advent of the Apocalypse when some editor warned of what came over. He manufacturer Korean threw tens of terminals and not had to anyone against who compete, even is gave the taste of not devise anything new and bring again another range high Galaxy S with plastic.

Galaxy S4

And is that those Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 are there after others so many that or are you came in qualities and finishes. Also has needed his road to get to manufacture best smartphones, after errors and see as the market is teetered when from china began to get them Xiaomi, Meizu and others. A few spaces that was lost, as will surely happen when Google starts to launch best Pixel that take advantage of the shortcomings of a brand that has swollen to win millions of euros and that has been looking Android updates.

Now, that come to Google take its decision of launch range high to them same prices that their Galaxy S or those of Apple, released news of that van to go is to others systems operating. Nobody says that in Mountain View has not benefited from Samsung so that Android is what is today, but I know there is no clause or anything like so can make their own way to launch their own terminals; expensive, range high, but designed by Google.

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