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Win a Samsung Galaxy S7!


Yes, Yes, you heard well. Today we are going to sort a Samsung Galaxy S7 finish Gold platinum and 32 GB of memory internal thanks to the guys at Roams and your app to save on phone.

As it has become the custom in our website, the contest will be very simple, so wait no more and continue reading the article to qualify to earn the Galaxy S7 for free.

How to earn the Galaxy S7 Gold Platinum?

samsung galaxy s7 gold platinium

It looks so the Samsung Galaxy S7 Roams offices

The steps to follow to win the S7 Galaxy are the following:

  1. Share the article through Twitter or Facebook. You only have to click on the links below
  2. Click here for Twitter:
    Tweet #AndroidsisRoams

    Here you can give to like and share:

  3. Installs Roams app on your smartphone and connect to your carrier. To access the only app you have to click here. That Yes, remember that they will involve only those who are connected properly to your operator from within the app.
  4. Complete the form below indicating the email with which you’ve given in Roams. We will use this form only to make the draw and verify that all participants have registered properly in If you access the app with your Facebook or Google data, you must indicate the email you use on those platforms so that we can properly register your participation. To access the form click here

And that’s it. As you can see it is a very simple process and only by follow these 3 simple steps you can take a free super-regalo.

Duration of the contest

Contest ends the next day 8 at 23:59. At that time we will close the shares and will make the competition between all the winners via platform.

Only is currently available in Spain, so the competition is solely limited to Spanish users. But not the rest of our readers from other countries, worry that Roams is working to internationalize the project and when this happens we will organize new competitions in Androidsis so that they can participate all.

Send the winner an email so tell us your address for delivery of the prize. If you do not receive a response, after 48 hours we recommend the draw until you get a winner.

More information about Roams

For those who do not know, Roams is a free application with which you connect to your carrier for control your consumption of megs and minutes, estimating next invoice price and commitment to stay. With that information, Roams is able to suggest you the offer that best suits your profile and also save on the phone rate. It is a project 100% Spanish which is now in phase of capital increase (can be reversed from €26) and has been awarded by major enterprises at national and international level for its innovative such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Banco Santander.

Download: Roams – Save on telephone (Free, Google Play) →

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