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With SwiftKey is now easier to save and send text phrases


Those who are fans of this great keyboard on Android app, today are of congratulations on a great feature very interesting that is being deployed. Not only we are left with this functionality that gives title to this entry, but there a few more than we spend in detail.

The new feature of Clipboard of SwiftKey you will allow save phrases specific, as can be that greeting special or information of contact for pass is it to any customer without have that be losing time in share the info from another application. This option was available from the beta so it is now on the official channel.

SwiftKey is improving by leaps and is located in a special position if we compare it with other applications of the same category. Apart from the ability to store and paste text phrases, is the “shortcuts” or “Shortcuts”, which allows users to configure a short word, as it can be “casa1” which can be expanded in a sentence that is bound to it, such as home address. When you write that short word, the sentence will be added automatically.

Palabras cortas

Finely, have the mode incognito, that you allows delete certain words and phrases to appear in them predictions of keyboard, so so can share your smartphone without having that remove some of them words saved. A pretty useful way and that surely many users will find it much use in their daily lives.

Three new features that if alone means greater utility for a keyboard that, as I have said, increasingly distance more than the competition. An incognito mode, ability to save phrases and drop them a pull, and the ability to create “short words” as shortcuts, are three developments that are to take into account.

Download: Keyboard SwiftKey (Free+, Google Play) →

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