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With this app you can activate the mode night in Android 7.0 Nougat

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A great app for to recover again that mode night that finally Google decided to delete in the version final. ANDA still by the code, hidden, and is by this same that today we can speak of this app that you will allow have it active in your mobile what is the problem? Only those who have a Nexus with Nougat can use this app.

While going knowing from Sony and HTC the dates and devices that will have finally Android 7.0 Nougat, the mode night not has missing by full and lies in the System UI Tuner, that menu advanced that us allows access to certain features special of Android. Michael Evans is Vishnu Rajeevan and developer who have programmed this small app that allows us to activate the night mode on our phone.

The app is very simple in use and allows us to save us having to go through adb to rescue this way. When you launch the application for the first time, you’ll see a message telling you that actives the Tuner UI System if it is not that you have it already. This is easy to the make a press long on the icon of wheel timing of adjustments in the bar of notifications.

Modo nocturno

After this same, the app shows only a button: “Enable Night Mode”. Press this button and you will be led to the System UI Tuner where the activation of the mode night is visible as a series of options for change the brightness and tone of the screen. Also have the option of using the mosaic of Night Mode in the settings fast or Quick Settings.

This mode is can activate of way manual or wait to fall the Sun so is active to a certain time. Although there are some users that are suffering some error that another with the mosaic that not appears or disappears when is removed the app.

Does not require ROOT and is free, so available until one day Google, in a new Android update remove it or activate it already forever.

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