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Wydr is like Tinder, but to buy art


A swipe to the left and one for right and we leave to oblivion a person to attempt another return to us that gesture and thus can have an appointment or, at least, chat with her or the. A format that we have seen in more apps from there and that can be transferred to another type of services and apps such as the proposal that is now on the table and it seems the sea of interesting. As if we were removing the petals of a daisy, these gestures can define the differences between give a like a work of art or despise it forever. It is more or less the idea that suggests a new service that has its two apps in the virtual stores of Google and Apple, Play Store and App Store respectively.

Wydr is a new app that incorporates the swipes or gestures of Tinter format for give to the like a work of art or, on the other hand, despise it with an I don’t like blunt. There are no half-measures and that popular mechanism thanks to this app for flirting, is the essential part of this app to buy created by a Swiss startup, and we know that as Wydr. Wydr, such as call cofundandor Matthias Dörner, aims to change how people interact with the art. There is someone that shows you that you can see, they are all works of art provided by the community. Also, in this way, artists can receive direct feedback on what is what they like most users.

An app for the masses

Wydr also makes it clear that art galleries tend to be for a percent minimum of the population, while the app is devoted to the rest, which could be called as the remaining 99%. The app is dominated by the mechanism of the swipes and know what are works of art that I most like you receive, as well as those who are rejected by their lack of quality or a concept that I go out of the ordinary. We must also consider that they enter own personal values for what is art.


The app adds a score of the community also for paintings, with each work of art showing a score from one to five hearts based on its popularity. Works of art in a very fast manner can be categorized so access to the works that are being better received by Wydr community.

Since it was released in January, and while still in those months in which costs emerge, Dorner declares that the active users are in “five digits” at this time. It claims that 40 percent of those who bought for the first time have returned to acquire any more work, and that those who repeat buying, have an average of 70 percent of the second. The middle of the shopping cart is generally in 430 dollars.

Upload your art to the application

The vast majority of the artworks are available for sale in their original piece, rather than in what are usually prints. Dorner maintains that weekly added 100 new jobs each week. The order really be done by the artist himself. The app takes up 30 percent of Commission of all paints sold through the app, with payment through PayPal and Stripe.


Doubts about if in the screen of a smartphone you can see harmed the color balance, co-founder of the service recommended that always be accessed to find the same works in large size. Right now there are about 400 artists uploading their art to the app and is expected that advertising launched on Facebook and Instagram help that there rather soon.

If you are artist and looking for another space to sell your works, apart from Behance and many others, don’t waste the time and download the app now.

Download: wydr: art & original paintings (Free, Google Play) →

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