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Xiaomi Announces Mi Band 2 display OLED and the heart rate sensor

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Activity bracelets have found wide acceptance among the millions of people who use them daily for jogging and improve his physical tone. By the way, yesterday threw five apps that can come you very well for this same. Returning to the topic, these bracelets activity if they are necessary for that person who wants to record all the steps and progress that goes by his days jogging and doing what now is called as “running”. Great success for this type of wearables, but major disaster to another such that we know as smartwatches or smart watches, which still do not know find accurate measurement so that millions are sold.

Million and sold Xiaomi in your My Band which has now returned to load the magazine with a new edition, the My Band 2. Xiaomi has just announce the My Band 2, the latest product of this company for fitness and to record the hours of sleep. The main change compared to the My Band and my Band 1s is having a panel of 0.42 inch OLED that shows the time, the steps taken and the ratio of heart activity when you press the button located at the bottom of the screen. From this screen, you can configure to show those data when a gesture right with my Band 2 is set.

The new activity of Xiaomi bracelet

Xiaomi has indicated that it has updated the algorithm of the pedometer for which registration can be precise for heartbeat and collect better data from the hours of sleep and what is fitness. The Mi 2 Band has IP67 for resistance to water as well as the previous two bracelets my Band and my Band 1s. Another of its virtues is that it has a design on the bracelet more according to what is a product of this type that we carry it all day since and is in direct contact with our skin.

Mi Band 2

Specifications Xiaomi Mi 2 Band

  • 0.42 inch OLED with impact-resistant glass panel, anti tracks and displays the time, the steps and the heart rate
  • Sensor heart rate and fotoplecismografia
  • Monitor your physical activity and record your hours of sleep
  • Ultra light weight 7 grams body
  • IP67 certification for water resistance
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • 70 mAh Li-po battery up to 20 days of autonomy

But, and the price?

When from the first leaks, we knew that it would incorporate Xiaomi a panel to learn the steps, time, and other types of information, this is also the heart rate, came us doubt of whether finally the Chinese manufacturer would raise the price of a product that has sold millions of units around the world. On the other hand, also occurred to us thinking that it would be a big mistake to pass to another strip of price when the fact get a bracelet of activity costing the 20 euros, got millions from accessing your purchase.

Mi Band 2

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 comes in the same black with various belts in different colors as they are the same black, blue, green, Orange and many others at a price of 149 Yuan, that change are $ 22. It is available to order from in China and will go on sale from June 7. We do not know any details about its global release, but from Amazon will not take to buy it.

So we have another great product of Xiaomi in which is included a panel OLED for certain facts to know, while we run, the steps taken or the time that is. A success since Xiaomi and more if you follow the approximate price, therefore predict that they will return to sell millions around the world.

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