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Xiaomi becomes erect as the great Dominator in China in April


Xiaomi we are talking about very well, and although it has left this top five of manufacturers to more smartphones sold in the world, know that it has everything going for her to to conquer hearts for the next few years and beyond if follows launching Terminal Xiaomi Mi 5.

We now know that he has returned to take the lead in the Chinese market for smartphones, which is now the largest in the world and which has great importance for the leading companies in this sector. And not only is to be the leader of this great market, but they Xiaomi has achieved a record to get 26 percent of market share in April, according to a report carried out by a local firm.

These data have been shared by Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, and placed the company above Honor, the second brand most sold in this country with a 15.7 per cent market share. But if we add this percentage to which is Huawei, between the two reach the 23.7 percent, fairly close to the retrieved by Xiaomi.

The third in discord is LeEco, which has risen up to 10.5 percent of the market in record time, since we have to know that this brand has entered this sector makes nothing more than a year. Something almost unheard of and more as they are things in this highly competitive market.

We have other brands with an Apple that has nothing more than with the 8.2 percent of quota, Meizu with 7%, 360 with 4.5 percent and Samsung which remains at a minimum 3.2 percent. Also should be mentioned that the rest of “others” are a 17.1 per cent.

A few figures important to Xiaomi, after meeting their financial results for 2015, although it is necessary to tell that we are talking about a month. That Yes, a quite important month as of April.

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