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Xiaomi cleaning robot is my Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi Mi Robot

Yesterday met an of them betting more promising of Xiaomi with its clock smart AmazFit that has with some specifications well interesting for what is a wearable that not happen of them 120 dollars. Xiaomi is an of those companies that not is it thinks much at the time of launch all type of products and gadgets technological where thinks that can have a market that is waiting for that seal of identity that it has marked as an of them more interesting.

If we’ve seen all kinds of gadgets, now not we can be surprised by the release of the Robot Vaccum my Xiaomi, a cleaning robot for the home that has been for sale in China starting on September 6 for what comes to be about $250. This robot is characterised by a distance that is capable of scanning laser sensor your environment up to 1,800 times per second. A interesting product to have the soil of our House well clean without having that make greater efforts.

We are speaking of a Xiaomi that has been capable of launch sliders, power banks, rüters e even a robot of kitchen smart. So this Robot Vacuum my Xiaomi joins all the Repertoire of Chinese manufacturer.

Mi Robot Vacuum

Apart from having a sensor that measures the distance a 1,800 times per second, this robot has 12 more sensors that include an ultrasonic radar, cliff, gyroscope and accelerometer sensor for mapping inside your House as well. (SLAM) simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm is responsible for calculating the most efficient route to clean those well dirty floors after a meeting with friends.

The robot comes with three processors that record their movements in real time and has a DC Nidec Brushless motor that has a 1800Pa index. If we seek another robot in the market, the 980 Roomba has a 1670Pa engine. You can pair it with my Home app so know your progress in real time, change cleaning modes, put the automatic programming and turn it on remotely. It has a 5200 mAh battery to clean for two hours and half a full load.

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