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Xiaomi intended that its smartwatch reaches the power consumption of the Garmin wearables


Xiaomi with your My Band 2 has a product that encourages your purchase and that its first edition sold millions of units around the world. Market activity bracelets he has managed to give the coup just to become a favorite for many users. Now we know if you will be able to achieve the same with smart watches or smartwatches.

In the smartwatches market, there is a need to have a wearable that we don’t have to be loading it every day, something vital for a product of this kind to succeed in sales and hence we still see them to find one that really calls us attention to its acquisition. When it already seems that Xiaomi is ready to bring a smartwatch into the market, Pan Jiutang, a Chinese analyst has revealed in Weibo that the intentions of the manufacturer is to have a power similar to the wearables from Garmin.

It will be interesting to see Xiaomi to compete with Garmin who had owned a share of market of 3.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015. The company stays in fifth place in the market of wearables in which smart watches and bracelets of activity can be found. The same Jiutang mentioned in the entry price for the smartwatch Xiaomi should go about 152 dollars and the $ 243. This means that we could see two variants of the same smarwatch.

The latest from Xiaomi words about this imminent wearable came from the Vice President, who in April said that the company would launch your Smart Watch by mid of this year. As extra additive, Huami CEO also said Xiaomi plans in relation to their smartwath. So it will be interesting to see what is able to Xiaomi offer with its smartwatch to really differentiate yourself from the competition.

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