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Xiaomi Lunar checks the quality of our dream

Lunar Xiaomi

We are already accustomed to seeing devices of very different shapes, colors and sizes. But from time to time a manufacturer us surprise with a novelty. I refer to novelty for being something not seen before. Xiaomi us offers a new gadjet with an appearance curious. Lunar is a device that measured the quality of our sleep.

Xiaomi proposes a gadjet to control our dream

With a shape that to nobody will leave indifferent Xiaomi presents Lunar Sleep Sensor. A device that together with our Android smartphone will help us get a better rest while sleeping. A disc with appearance of moon? that monitor our dream to then evaluate it.

Really not have even of great information about this new “device”. Xiaomi Crowfunding Web show us it as a project for the future. Accessory aims to do what you already do some apps or bracelets, or smartwatches. Check our dream to meet the guidelines for a better night’s sleep.

The difference is that we won’t have to have it “stuck” to the body like bracelets. Only leaving it next to us in the bed already can store data from our lethargy. The Lunar of Xiaomi stands out of the rest of options in that could provide us music relaxing to help us to sleep.

The factory Xiaomi remains unstoppable

As fan unconditional of the brand Chinese not me is rather than let that the prototype of Lunar evolves. Still not know in that will be this project with a cost that to the changing European would be around them ten euros. With a autonomy that promises to endure until three months. And that has with a small battery of 150 mAH that is loaded by full at a time. Up to 90 nights taking data with an hour of charging.

Xiaomi gradually deepens between the major manufacturers Chinese smartphones. But this is no reason to let experiment with new products. With Lunar check constantly Xiaomi as working for showing us what’s new. One of the manufacturers that best demonstrates that the words quality and price are only compatible can have high expectations.¬†Those who have tried a Xiaomi know the quality of a good product at a good price. Would come some day Lunar to our bedrooms?.

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