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Xiaomi manufacture only 10,000 units of my MIX per month


Xiaomi Mi MIX has been applause from critics since it was presented earlier this week and some were lucky enough to get their hands on it to feel that is to have a smartphone that is practically a screen. A phone concept that has able to show that we we still have many changes in the world of mobile telephony that sometimes seems it stagnates.

Manufacturer Chinese you will not be able to mass produce your smartphone my MIX without bevels, mainly since this premium phone has all the body manufactured in ceramic. Production capacity for this phone, that seems straight out of a science fiction movie, is limited to 10,000 units per month, what if we add to be released only in China, the opportunities to have one are well scarce.

According to Kevin Wang, director of IHS Markit China, Xiaomi does not dare to make an important expense in advertising it since this phone concept called my MIX can not be produced in mass at the moment.

Wang explains that the capacity of production for this device that seems of another was, will be limited to only 10,000 units per month. This is the statement of his own:

Xiaomi does not want to engage in a powerful campaign of marketing with the MIX, since this concept phone cannot be passed to be manufactured en masse. The reason is that it has been made in ceramic, so production can not exceed 10,000 units per month.

So, if you were waiting for that were available for the purchase of one, you have to have the patience of a Saint or go through some of the resales of this phone which, due to its high demand, can be reached at prices not seen before on a phone.

To be a phone with a unique design, high specifications in its components and priced at $500, it is becoming the object of desire of many technophiles who already want to put your hands on one.

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