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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will be open October sale

Mi Band 2

The bracelet of activity Xiaomi my Band 2 has been one of them products more successful in them last times for seek of a great wearable that has as features more important its sensor of rhythm heart and that panel that allows access to notifications and them data that goes collecting according to have come out to run for not losing any detail of them steps given u another type of information.

We now know that bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will be on sale in the month of October, according to some of the latest rumors coming from China. Great news for those users who have sought these days the purchase of the wearable, but that its price right now is at a higher price than it really costs, $23.

And it is that right now at Amazon and other stores you can buy my Band 2 wearable, but for more than the $35 in most cases when we are talking about a device than its real price would be as the previous two editions not passing of 23 euros.

My Band 2 is characterized by its panel OLED, certified IP67 for resistance to water and dust and a base price of $23. A wearable that has been improved since the first edition, which sold millions of units around the world. This success is must to almost not has competition when the majority of these wearables tend to pass of them 100 dollars, although with greater capabilities.

Huami, the company that is responsible for the manufacturing of the device, has stated that the production of the wearable will double soon. And is that still not is available it my Band 2 from the own web official of Xiaomi, so a bit of patience if want to acquire the wearable in its price just that are those 23 dollars.

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