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Xiaomi my MIX includes the Cortana of Microsoft Assistant

Xiaomi Mi MIX

At a time in which Google Assistant takes the lead for its ability to engage in natural conversations, focusing on the context of the same, Cortana and Siri seem to be behind in the race to offer Wizard that is almost able to behave like a human. Science fiction movies have taken a toll in this sense in the human subconscious.

That Xiaomi my MIX that has taken also the front by what comes to them smartphones of greater trend, has in its have to Cortana installed as the Assistant with which you can relate when have in hand one of these phones that seem to almost all screen. Microsoft is has charge of that Xiaomi feel you need of establishing their apps more recognized, apart from that Cortana that is sits well in that special smartphone.

A my MIX that almost left in the forgot to that my Note 2 that also is has positioned as a phone to have very in account. But this phablet without bevels of 6.4-inch screen is which has been taking centre stage. And although have to the layer personalized MIUI, well heavy she, as it part main in the software when one is handles with this phone, there are enough influence from Microsoft in that phone.

Apart from Cortana, coexist also in the internal memory of my MIX apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. It is not the first time that Cortana is available on an Android smartphone, since both the OnePlus One and the 2 OnePlus received the existing through an update to Cyanogen OS.

Finally, we are left with a my MIX that is the first terminal not Windows that is released with Cortana. That agreement of Microsoft and Xiaomi is bearing its fruit and can now be used Cortana in that special phone without bevels.

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