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Xiaomi prepares his jump international in the CES 2017

Xiaomi prepara su salto internacional en el CES 2017

Xiaomi is a the largest companies technology of the world. Its growth has been unstoppable and very accelerated in so only ones few years of life and although in the present others signatures as Huawei, Oppo and live it advances in share of market in its space natural, Chinese, the design of its products, its character innovative (my Mix) and that wise balance between high quality and prices contained you have granted a great prestige and popularity between them consumers. Despite this, Xiaomi is still constrained within the Asian boundaries, with little official presence outside China, totally null and void in the powerful U.S. and European markets.

This situation could be passing by its last times and is that by first time, the giant technological Xiaomi goes to participate in the CES of the Vegas, the first great CITES technological annual of products of electronic and there could present the first smartphone that lance of form official in United States.

From the birth of Xiaomi their products is have distributed by large parts of the world but always through sellers international as Aliexpress, Gearbest, etc, or importers. Of way official, the company still not has come to Europe or United States.

Them reasons are different but especially stand out two: the possible rise of price that could experience their products to the be les applied them taxes national of each country what, to his time, diminishing its competitiveness, and them possible problems on certain patents to which is could face.

Despite this, Xiaomi intends to expand internationally and in fact, its current Global Vice President, Hugo Barra, so said it on several occasions.

The first objective is to United States, but the company always has stated that he would not land in this country to be sure of its success as competition from Android smartphones there is extremely high.

Now, with their presence in the CES 2017 of the Vegas, seems that will be question of months that Xiaomi lance a smartphone, and perhaps other devices also, in United States. Assume this also the announces its international expansion to Europe? We will have to wait to the 5 of January for know it.

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